Housing structures are designed as natural ecosystems that are durable over time, but also sustainable from an economic, social, and environmental point of view


  • using natural or recycled materials;
  • considering, in a sustainable way, the entire life cycle of the individual element and the entire building, in order to extremely reduce the environmental and social impact;

  • using preferably local materials, with the active and proactive involvement of local businesses;
  • providing for minimal consumption of energy and raw materials;
  • improving the quality of life of the inhabitants;
  • satisfying strictly physical and psychophysical well-being needs, while respecting a new social responsibility.


An architecture that is committed to bringing back a house to being a living organism. It is completely self-sufficient and in full balance with the systems present in nature. Ricehouse’s house is a new model of circular economy, made entirely of natural materials, which are fully recyclable or reusable.


The expression of design can be realised on different scales, without deviating from the basic requirements of ethics. We design and produce design objects with materials of natural or recycled origin, conceived with respect for the environment and with the aim to reconnect mankind with nature.


The grain of rice becomes the experience-generating seed, the witness and ambassador of a transformative process of social development, where nature and artifice can coexist in a perfect balance through architecture.

Events e Exhibitions

Design team, dedicated to events, follows the artist and customer through every step of the operational process, from production to installation, with a sustainable vision that starts with the materials and their assembly.