Info Point FAI - Assisi

During the restoration of “Bosco di San Francesco”, this info point kiosk has been created for FAI (non-profit foundation established in 1975, using the National Trust as a model, with the aim of protecting and enhancing Italy’s historical, artistic and landscape heritage). It is located at the level of the main square, in front of the Basilica Maggiore in Assisi. A temporary structure completely dry assembled with wooden bricks and interlocking techniques with screws and bolts, without the use of glues and cement. The external covering of the info point was made with toasted cork panels, while the toilet block was shielded by using corten steel sheets with the aim of integrating the building with the pre-existing and, above all, with the surrounding nature. The large glass surfaces allow passive solar contribution and create a continuity between exterior and interior. The area is warm and welcoming thanks to the lighting and the exposed wooden bricks. All the furniture has been designed and made to measure.

Info Point FAI – Assisi

Architectural work
New Project
52 m2
Other materials
cork, solid fir wood, natural oils, corten steel

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