A new healthy way of living

Technological advantages

The products have high-performance thermal insulation, inertia to combustion, high durability, and excellent acoustic insulation. They are also resistant to biological agents and mold attacks

Aesthetic advantages

The compounds are in a perfect aesthetic combination of organicity and elegance, and, also, the plasters and finishings have a natural enhancement of details

Environmental advantages

There is a reduction of emissions from waste combustion, a reduction of energy consumption, a low environmental impact and a reduction of grey energy.

Social advantages

The creation of a Km 0 economy in sensitive areas, and the increase of social awareness by harmonising the territorial supply chain system.

Salubrious and healthy

The materials improve indoor comfort, humidity regulation, breathability of walls, and it reduces CO2’s impact on the environment.

Quick and easy

The products are simple and easy-to-apply, by using traditional laying techniques, and without the use of special equipment