GAIA - 3D realization

GAIA is a new eco-sustainable architectural model. The project was carried out using our RH400-3D blend using the new WASP Crane 3D printer. The mixture is a totally natural blend of clay and rice husk that guarantees healthy environment. The concrete result is a high-performance house from the point of view of energy consumption, indeed the house does not need neither heating, nor an air conditioning system; it maintains a balanced and comfortable temperature both during winter, and in summer. The project integrates into a scenario that emphasizes the importance of environmental sustainability. The process of realization only took a few weeks because its masonry has a thickness of 45 cm. Now, based on the data experienced with GAIA, it is possible to imagine and realize new economic scenarios, in which one hectare of cultivated rice is able to produce 100 square meters of built area.


Massa Lombarda (RA)
Architectural work
New Project
30 m2
Ricehouse products

Ricehouse products

Blend for 3D printers

Blend for 3D printers

Vertical matt closing components - RH400-3D

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