Aspetto esteriore Clay base plaster

Clay base plaster

Natural foundation plaster blend based on clay, rice husk and silica sand.

Immagine tecnica Clay base plaster

RH400 Clay base plaster

Pollution reduction Insulation and thermal phase shifting Breathability of walls Durability and mold resistance Durability and parasites resistance

RH400 base plaster is obtained by skillfully mixing clay with rice husk and siliceous aggregates; the result is a base plaster that demonstrates remarkable hygrothermal properties. It regulates internal humidity, maintaining the breathability of the masonry. The clay contained in the mixture, is able to neutralize odors in the air, promoting excellent thermoregulation. Thanks to the features of its components, which are capable of subtracting CO2 from the air inside rooms, this natural mixture helps the abatement of indoor pollution, to ensure better living comfort of indoor spaces. The product is supplied pre-packaged.