In the burned field

I saw a house made of straw

The long-time experience of Tiziana Monterisi, and the passion for innovative research of Alessio Colombo, set the core values to create a startup in their own house


From rice to architecture

Ricehouse Benefit Corporation, began its journey as startup in 2016 with the goal of creating a positive impact on society by promoting a responsible change. Tiziana Monterisi, co-founder and CEO, through her twenty years architect experience set up this project together with Alessio Colombo, geologist, COO and co-founder.

“Only by the way we look at the world, we will have the opportunity to truly change it.”

Why a house made of rice?

We can benefit from waste

It is possible to achieve energy efficiency standards through waste processing from rice supply chain

We can avoid the environment impact, using something which is already present in nature

Rice is the only bio-resource presents in all five continents and it is the food for two thirds of the world’s population

Rice by-products become the main characters into a project that harmonizes the territorial system

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Ricehouse Team

Value of people

The house is a space where people gather and organize time and life. People made up relationships. We are honoured by the added value that all the team members have the opportunity to give to the “Rice House.” Working as a team means spending one’s time, energy and skills towards the same goal that needs to be achieved, which affects, not only the individual, but also the entire organization

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We offer healthy materials, both for humans and environment


We offer consultation services for design and buildings construction, according to the principles of bio-architecture.

Open Innovation

Cooperation is intended as an innovative development model




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