Our vision of circular economy

Nature is an essential part of our project and we are part of it.  

We are convinced that having high aspirations can break the rules of classic demand and traditional economic subjects.

Our work starts from the rice field and returns to the field; respecting food production, we generate a new form of economy without the extraction of primary resources and the consumption of soil

We have created a production model that involves all the figures present in the supply chain which represents a constitutive part of the social and economic fabric of our territory. We enhance the social, cultural and gender entity by providing new opportunities for territorial development.

We know we are a complete example of the circular economy, thanks to the development of a line of products for construction and the home resulting from the recycling of rice processing waste.

The importance of commitment


It is necessary to make an effort to start thinking in terms of the circular economy. Raw materials must be taken from the environment, transformed, used, disposed of and re-released into the same environment from which they were taken. In some cases, their management even becomes an economic activity capable of supporting its industrial supply chain and feeding the needs of an innovative and emerging market.
It is therefore necessary to progressively move to new models that guarantee a sustainable future, based on new materials with zero environmental impact, exploiting what nature and the by-products of primary processing make available, such as husk and rice straw, and on technologies for the production of renewable energy, such as that deriving from biogas, with a view to progressive exploitation that on the one hand favors the reintegration into the natural cycle, and on the other hand contributes to reducing the load of waste and the liabilities associated with their management.