Aspetto esteriore Natural Insulator

Natural Insulator

Pre-compressed plant fiber blocks.

Immagine tecnica Natural Insulator

RH-P Natural Insulator

Pollution reduction Insulation and thermal phase shifting Breathability of walls Durability and mold resistance Durability and parasites resistance

Rice straw represents the crest of the grain plant when dried at the end of its maturity. It shares chemical composition with wood, being composed mainly of cellulose, lignin, minerals and silicates. Packaged in pre-compressed prismatic shape according with a long-established preparation criteria and subjected to timely testing. It proves to be an excellent material for achieving energy efficiency, thermal and acoustic insulation, and ensuring the perfect breathability of the walls in which it is used, indeed, rice straw ensures a healthier environment in which to live. Its gray energy is far lower than any other material used in construction, and because of its CO2 absorption capacity, it can reduce emissions in the atmosphere.