Aspetto esteriore Base lightweight screed

Base lightweight screed

Compound for all types of floors based on natural lime and filtered natural rice husk

Immagine tecnica Base lightweight screed

RH310 Base lightweight screed

Pollution reduction Acoustic comfort Insulation and thermal phase shifting Lightweight components and materials

RH310 base lightweight screed is a product created specifically for thermal-acoustic insulation of the base layers of horizontal surfaces. Among its peculiarities: lightness, ductility and breathability. It is designed to offer a solution that minimizes drying time, ensuring good workability during installation. Designed for new construction and also for thermal and hygrometric rehabilitation of existing buildings; including green building interventions and in the renovation of buildings of historical interest. buildings. It is applied in thicknesses from 5 to 25 cm, depending on the design requirements in terms of transmittance and of allowable load of the structure.