Aspetto esteriore Biomass based insulation

Biomass based insulation

Dried and dedusted vegetable fiber composed of pure rice husk.

Immagine tecnica Biomass based insulation

RH-L Biomass based insulation

Pollution reduction Insulation and thermal phase shifting Breathability of walls Durability and mold resistance Durability and parasites resistance

Rice husk represents the agricultural by-product resulting from the process of dehulling of raw rice or paddy rice. It is similar, in chemical composition to wood, but it has a high silica content that makes it undetectable by mold and insects. Its low thermal conductivity value results in a strong insulating capacity. From the perspective of a naturally healthier environment, husk is a perfect acoustic insulator. The application system is through the use of the product itself. Dust-free rice husk is free of binding additives or water. It is supplied in convenient bags so that it is ready to be placed on site by a free-laying system or, by mechanized blowing pumps using compressed air.