Padiglione di Svolta - Project

The project has been carried out during a three-week workshop with students from architecture of the Politecnico of Turin. It promotes a return to the cultivation of rice and the use of straw as a “turning point” building material, activating a virtuous process from the social, economic, environmental, agricultural and architectural points of view. The idea focuses on the connection of two distant territorial realities but rich in similarities: the territory of Biella and the Artibonit Valley in Haiti. For this purpose, the architectural prototype of a pavilion was created closed to Pistoletto Foundation buildings and used as a space for educational and cultural activities. The main core was made with wooden frames and infill in bales of rice straw made in situ. The upper floor is used as a play area for children and it is covered on the back with recycled impact rubber. The south-east façade houses a large full-height window with triple-glazed, allowing the exploitation of passive solar energy. The walls have been covered by a natural plaster composed by clay finish for the interior and natural lime on the outside. The structure of the roof consists of four double portals that give rise to a double layer roof with different eaves heights. Portals serve as support to a series of brise soleil in fir wood. The same type of wood was also used for the platform that runs around the perimeter of the building. The latter stretches in the central part and turns into a small basin for the cultivation of rice, a significant element from the agri-food point of view and inspiration of the educational project at the base of the ideology.

Padiglione di Svolta – Project

Architectural work
28 m2
Ricehouse products
RH-P, RH100, RH400
Other materials
fir wood, natural oil, recycled impact rubber

Ricehouse products

Natural Insulator

Natural Insulator

Plant materials for insulation - RH-P
Thermal base plaster

Thermal base plaster

Base plasters - RH100
Clay base plaster

Clay base plaster

Base plasters - RH400

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