Aspetto esteriore Thermal base plaster

Thermal base plaster

Pre-mixed mortar for foundation plaster, based on rice husk and natural lime.

Immagine tecnica Thermal base plaster

RH100 Thermal base plaster

Pollution reduction Insulation and thermal phase shifting Breathability of walls Durability and mold resistance Durability and parasites resistance

RH100 thermal base plaster is made by mixing the leading binder in the history of architecture, i.e. aerial lime, with rice husk, an agricultural product derived from the husking of rice. Among its many application qualities, there is the good adhesion to surfaces and performing compatibility with all types of masonry. In addition, the thermal base plaster, due to the characteristics of its components, contributes to the reduction of indoor pollution, as it is able to subtract CO2 from the air inside the building. It is recommended for applications on interior and exterior surfaces through manual application, or by using plastering machines.