The Founders: Tiziana and Alessio

We have never loved easy things, and, even less, trivial things. We have always chased the passion for what made us feel good and gave us satisfaction. When we realized that making a “rice house” was really possible, we jumped right into the project, which began an innovative quest to put a twist on the already known stereotypes in the field of architecture. Our story began long before 2016 when Ricehouse was officially born.

We are from Lombardy by birth, but we are based in Biella, which is 100 km from Turin and 100 km from Milan. Living in Biella and discovering its surroundings, has allowed us to become more aware of its ecosystem, understanding the potential of this area. We have been able to lead the example to make our dreams real. We propose to the world, what we have built for ourselves: a non-energy-consuming home. We define ourselves ecological natives.”

An open-minded mission

Ricehouse started its activity in 2016 and could benefit from the knowledge we have been applied over the years, supported by great innovative energy. Instead of dedicating our strategy directly to the production stage, we would have rather created synergies with companies whose values approach to our ethic. Ricehouse is a complete model of circular economy, which develops a full range of building products, exploiting rice agriculture processing. This accomplishment solves environmental problems directly related to their disposal practices.

Ricehouse’s mission is building the house made of rice and everything that accommodates humans: from the micro to the macro, using rice by-products. Ricehouse is link between agriculture and architecture, through the industrial and artisan realities of the area. In order to make our products ready to the market, we always look for new offers to satisfy a very demanding and constant evolving market. Our stated goal is “changing the world” and the focus of our actions is “being aware of social responsibility.”