Aspetto esteriore Ecopaint


It is a long-cured pit lime and rice husk-based wall paint.

Designed for interior and exterior masonry, also suitable for historic building restoration and renovation needs.

Immagine tecnica Ecopaint

RH500 Ecopaint

Pollution reduction Breathability of walls Indoor humidity management

RH500 is composed of slaked lime, seasoned in the pit for at least two years, micronized carbonaceous powders, methylcellulose, linseed oil and rice husk in a grainsize curve.

In terms of aesthetics, the composition lends enormous plasticity to the product, and, in addition, the high pH level in natural lime has an effective anti-mold action.This lime milk-based compound represents a line of premium finishes, which take advantage of the chemical characteristics of lime and rice husk to ensure a natural, breathable product. It comes in the natural white color in two versions:
_ milk of lime eco-paint for exterior use;
_ lime milk eco-paint for interior use.