Aspetto esteriore Load distribution screed

Load distribution screed

Multi-purpose lightweight mortar for screed.

Immagine tecnica Load distribution screed

RH330 Load distribution screed

Pollution reduction Acoustic comfort Insulation and thermal phase shifting Lightweight components and materials

RH330 is a compound based on lime and pumice, specifically designed in order to obtain a strong layer suitable, for supporting the distribution of overlying loads. A focus on its composition: air lime in hydrated form certified EN 459-1, natural hydraulic lime NHL 3.5 certified EN 459-1, pozzolan certified EN 197-1, pumice granules, husk ash and rice straw. This natural load screen is distinguishable by its high mechanical strength and good thermal-acoustic performance, due in part to the properties of pumice granules. In addition, the high content of silica and husk ash makes the bio-compound durable and resistant to biological agents, such as mold and insects. Can be applied manually or by machine.