Aspetto esteriore Finishing plaster

Finishing plaster

ADI design



Natural plaster mixture of lime and rice husk, specially designed to be smoothed and treated in order to bring out the aesthetic effect of the material.

Immagine tecnica Finishing plaster

RH120 Finishing plaster

Pollution reduction Breathability of walls Indoor humidity management

Plastering mortar obtained by mixing rice husk, an agricultural product derived from the husking of rice paddy, with the main binder in the history of architecture: air lime. It lends itself easily to manual application, allowing the aesthetic and textural appearance of the husk to stand out. It was born from an accurate research and selection of the best natural raw materials, in order to meet the needs of attentive and sensitive professionals of the industry. Its qualities include the reduction of indoor pollution, as the husk is able to absorb CO2 from the air present inside the building structures. This blend, supplied pre-packaged, is recommended for interior surfaces.