Aspetto esteriore Insulating panel

Insulating panel

Semi-rigid rice straw insulating panel.

Immagine tecnica Insulating panel

RH50 Insulating panel

Acoustic comfort Insulation and thermal phase shifting Durability and mold resistance Durability and parasites resistance Temperature of application Indoor humidity management

RH50 is a blend composed by 92% rice straw fibers, joined together by 8% polyester thermofusible fibers to form a semi-rigid insulating mat. The product, which comes directly from the straw harvest, is then packaged to standard sizes following the requirements of the construction site. A semi-rigid, low-density mat designed for new constructions, but is also suitable for thermal and hygrometric renovations of existing buildings. Guaranteeing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation performance, it finds application in many design spaces. It does not have any health impact on the inhabitants, it is thermally and acoustically efficient, and it also ensures shape retention over time. In terms of durability, this inherently low-carbon plant fiber is extremely resistant to deterioration.