Aspetto esteriore Outdoor flooring systems

Outdoor flooring systems

Floor covering systems for outdoor and indoor use.

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RH-DECK Outdoor flooring systems

Durability and mold resistance Durability and parasites resistance

These high-quality profiles are made from a compound material based on rice husk and polyvinyl chloride of recycled origin and are produced following the CROSWOOD ̵PLUS formulation. The RH-DECK system is designed specifically for outdoor decking, but can also be conveniently used for indoors. The composite panel provides exceptional durability and resistance to all weather conditions, including situations with high humidity. In fact, when immersed in water, it does not degrade, and in fact, it manages to retain all its original properties for many years. The profile is free of knots or splinters and does not host fungus or insects. Unlike wood, RH-DECK floors do not require oiling to maintain their original appearance over time. The requests for customization of size and appearance can be handled.