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RH 300


The RH300 product line is classified as lightweight materials for filling and insulating horizontal surfaces. RH300 substrates and screeds have a high thermal and acoustic insulation. The components of the lightweight screed, mixed during the application create a compound that is easy to apply. The RH310 screed is applied in thicknesses from 5 to 25 cm, is light, extremely flexible, breathable, compatible with all substrates and specific for thermal insulation and for cases with reduced load bearing capacity of the slabs. It can be used in the natural construction and in the renovation of historical buildings. Designed for new buildings in order to limit the load on the slabs, it is also suitable for cases of thermal and hygrometric restoration of existing buildings. It guarantees excellent acoustic insulation performance and is therefore optimal also in all environments that need to isolate the horizontal surfaces. The RH330 screed is a natural and ecological with high thermal and acoustic insulation properties, high mechanical resistance, applicable manually or by machine.

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