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Circular Economy

From nature to architecture, without waste production, placing man at the center of a sustainable industrial process.

We need to make the effort to start thinking in terms of circular economy. Raw materials must be taken from the environment, transformed, used, disposed of and returned to the environment from which they were taken. In some cases, their management becomes an economic activity able to sustain its industrial supply chain and to feed the needs of an innovative and emerging market.

We therefore need to progressively shift to new models that guarantee a sustainable future based on new materials with zero environmental impact, exploiting what nature and by-products of primary processing make available, such as rice husk and rice straw.  we need to think about renewable energy production technologies, such as that deriving from biogas, with a view to progressive exploitation that on the one hand favors reinsertion into the natural cycle, and on the other hand helps to reduce the waste load and the liabilities associated with the their management.