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Prefabricated houses made of rice straw and wood: a way that comes from the field and regenerates sustainable architecture.

RISORSA comes from the collaboration between RiceHouse and Novellocase. Through the RISORSA brand, we intend to promote the development and diffusion of houses built with rice strawbales, following an approach to bio-architecture that enhances agricultural waste by minimizing waste production and environmental impact.

With the RISORSA project we have, first in Italy, industrialized the manufacturing process of pre-compressed wood and straw frames, in order to realize prefabricated straw houses with very high energy performance that meet the passive standards. We only use materials of natural origin coming from a short supply chain connected to the territory in which the company fits, in a new perspective of circular economy, and minimization of the environmental impact.

In terms of sustainability, prefabricated wood and straw homes ensure a balanced thermal comfort based on a minimum energy source, normally produced from renewable sources, without the need to introduce any "conventional" heating system and the unnecessary consumption of fossil fuels and preventing equally inultile and expensive connections to the electric distribution network.

A prefabricated straw house is a house that optimizes the passive contribution of the sun, respecting the green building values, taking advantage of the heat generated by the general use of the building thus compensating for the minimal winter losses and maximizing the energy efficiency of the building. This is how the by-products of agriculture become a reservoir of clean and renewable energy, thus becoming a RESOURCE.