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Rice husk and lime products

The bio-plaster RiceHouse products are the result of a search path based on the combination between ancient and modern and the attention to natural materials inside a modern certified industrial process.

A journey accompanied by the extraordinary experience of the master craftsman
Naldo Busato of the MGN company, depositary of the ancient secrets they have
granted to the Venetian walls the eternal fascination that we all know and that, from
more than thirty years, deals with the production of plasters and mortars.
RiceHouse natural mortars are obtained by expertly mixing the binder prince of the history of architecture, aerial lime, with the rice husk, a agricultural by-product deriving from the husk process of rice raw.
The result is a performance material with high technological value it meets at the same time  the requirements of economic and environmental sustainability and of social responsability.The main features offered by the rice husk-lime bio composites are linked to a high thermal insulation, to the excellent acoustic performance of the mixture, ad high breathability of the combined material and excellent capacity regulation of internal humidity. 
it has a high degree of flexibility in construction and restructuring, adapting to each type of masonry. It is a healthy, durable material, totally renewable, environmentally friendly: It is able to reduce remarkable quantities of CO2 from the environment throughout the entire life cycle.