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Rice straw represents the culmination of the cereal plant, that is once dried at the end of its maturation. It has a chemical composition similar to the one of the wood, being mainly made up of cellulose, lignin, minerals and silicates.

Packaged in pre-compressed prismatic shape, and stocked following a quality protocol, it is an excellent material for achieving the building's energy efficiency. Its low thermal conductivity value contributes to its strong insulating capacity. It guarantees high breathability of the walls where it is applied, avoiding surface condensation phenomena and ensuring excellent comfort in living spaces and a healthier living environment. It is a perfect acoustic insulator as well as a biodegradable material that is renewed annually and that does not generate waste. It is simple to manage on the construction site and the pose is similar to the one of the natural building materials. Its grey energy is far lower than any other material used in construction and, thanks to the absorption capacity of CO2, it is able to reduce emissions into the atmosphere.

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