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RH 300


The screed RH300 is a foundation screed with a high thermal-acoustic insulation, which can be applied manually (or by machine). The components of the RH300 screed, mixed at the time of use, give rise to a compound that is easy to apply.
The RH300 screed is applied in thicknesses from 5 to 25 cm, it is light, extremely flexible, breathable, compatible with all substrates and specific for thermal insulation and for the reduced load on the slabs, in the bio-building interventions and in the renovation of buildings historical interest. The RH300 screed is very light, ductile, breathable; designed for new buildings but is also suitable for thermal and hygrometric rehabilitation of existing buildings. It guarantees excellent acoustic insulation performance and is therefore ideal even in all environments that need to be insulated compared to the rooms below.