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From field to the house

The organization of the supply chain of secondary materials of rice cultivation become new materials for healthy buildings and a new ethical and technologically advanced way committed to transforming the house a new live-living organism.

Ricehouse, born from the experience of the architect Tiziana Monterisi, co-founder and CEO of the company, bases its activity on enhancement of by-products from the rice cultivation and it is configured as a vehicle of innovation, with a high degree of sustainability with the chiefly targets the development and commercialization of new construction materials: rice straw, rice husk, thermo plastering base coat, lightweight screeds and clay and lime based finishes.

The solution for a possible architecture

Circular economy

From nature to architecture, without producing waste, placing man at the center of an industrial process that is as much sustainable as possible.

Closed loop circular approach

A new responsible and sensitive architecture starting from agricolture,  without cementing, as a vector for the third industrial revolution.

The Rice Straw

The new brick for a healthy building, that is sensitive to the sustainability and energy saving benchmarcks for the human wellness.

The Rice Husk

A raw material  produced as a residue of milling the husked-rice stage. Where everyone sees a waste we find the real resource for a sustainable future.